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EP-60/EP-60C enteral feeding pump

  • The enteral giving set used together with this pump must comply with the requirements specified in EN-1615:2000.
  • Heating of feed solution and temperature setting are supported, making the feeding more convenient and comfortable.
  • Touch screen, providing a convenient and efficient interface for the user.
  • Wide setting range of feed rate: 1~1200 ml/h.
  • Wireless networking function and wired networking function, enabling connection to the infusion central monitoring system.
  • Nurse call function.
  • Display screen with night mode option that minimises light interference with the patient and environment.
  • Three types of power supply are supported: AC power supply, DC power supply and built-in lithium battery.
  • 3-CPU design and dual-channel real-time monitoring of feeding status for the prevention of errors, like insufficient or excessive feeding, and alarm reproduction in case of time deviation.
  • Independent motor drive CPU.
  • Duration of continuous operation: 24 hours

Important Notice

The pump can be used in hospital settings and at home for adults and children, but not for infants.

The EP-60/EP-60C enteral feeding pump should not be used for arterial or intravenous infusion or for an infusion for which air must be prevented.

The enteral feeding pump must be operated by or under the guidance of clinically trained and qualified technicians who have been trained on the use of this device.

Want to know more about this product?

  1. Connect the nutrient container connecting piece of the enteral giving set to the nutrient bottle or nutrient bag for the feed solution to flow into the tube and drip chamber of the enteral giving set.
  2. When the level of the liquid reaches 1/3 of the height of the drip chamber, open the roller clamp on the enteral giving set.
  3. Transfuse liquid into the tube to remove the air in the tube. After that, close the roller clamp on the enteral giving set to prevent free flow of liquid.
  4. Open the door of the enteral feeding pump.
  5. Insert the drip chamber from top to bottom into the slit where the drop sensor is located and into the lower slit for the two slits to clamp the upper and lower ends of the drip chamber respectively.
  6. Make the tube wrap the peristaltic wheel, and then press the tube into the slit where the consumable sensor is located and the slit on the upper right side respectively.
  7. Close the pump door.
  8. Press the tube into the tube slit on the pump door.
  9. If you have purchased a heater, you need to install the tube of the enteral giving set in the slit on the heater.

Name: Enteral feeding pump

Dimensions: 147.5(L) × 105(B) × 165(H) mm

Weight: About 1.2kg (including the battery, excluding the pole clamp and heater)

Power Supply: AC power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA input power 

External DC power supply: 12 V Built in battery: 10.8 V, 3000 mAh

Model: 18650-3S1P

Continuous operation duration: Not shorter than 22 hours

Test conditions: A fully charged brand new battery is used, LAN, WLAN, and heater are disabled, auto backlight adjustment is enabled, and the feed rate is set to 25 ml/h. 

Battery charge time: No longer than 4 hours (the pump is powered off for the charge)

Battery charge mode: AC input or DC input battery charge

Feed Mode: Continuous mode and intermittent mode

Feed Rate: 1~1200 ml/h

Minimum Increment of Feed Rate: 1 ml/h

VTBD (Volume to be Delivered): 0~9999 ml (minimum increment: 1 ml)

Single VTBD: 1~9999 ml (minimum increment: 1 ml)

Feed Volume Display: 0~9999 ml

Total Volume Display: 0~99999 ml

Feeding Accuracy: The feeding inaccuracy is not greater than 5% (after calibration).

Bolus Rate: 1~1200 ml/h (minimum increment: 1 ml/h)

Pre-set Bolus Volume: 1~9999 ml (minimum increment: 1 ml)

Prime Rate: 2000 ml/h

Flush Rate: 1~1200 ml/h (minimum increment: 1 ml/h)

Pre-set Flush Volume: 1~9999 ml (minimum increment: 1ml)

Aspirate Rate: 1~1200 ml/h (minimum increment: 1 ml/h)

KTO Rate: 1~30 ml/h (minimum increment: 1 ml/h) The KTO (keep tube open) rate is not higher than the current feed rate.

Heater Temperature: 32~50°C or 90~122°F

Temperature Control Precision: ±3°C

Alarm: Reminder Alarm, Door Opened, Feed Completed, Feed Error, Heater Temp. High, Heater Temp. Low, No Heater, No Battery, No External Power, Low Battery, Battery Empty, Standby Finished, Nutrient Leakage, Charge Fault

Networking Function: The enteral feeding pump can be connected to the infusion central monitoring system in wired or wireless mode.

Operating Conditions: Temperature: 5°C~40°C; Humidity: 15%~95%, Relative Humidity, non-condensing; Pressure altitude: 57.0~106.0 kPa.

Storage and Shipping Conditions: Temperature: -20°C~+55°C; Humidity: 10%~95%, Relative Humidity, non-condensing; Pressure altitude: 22.0~107.4 kPa.

Classification: Class I/Internally powered equipment; Type CF applied part; IP34; Not sterilised; Not category AP/APG equipment; Mode of operation: continuous.

Service Life: 10 years

Date of Manufacture: See the product label.


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