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danumed® GastroTube

The danumed® GastroTube for enteral long-term feeding is made of high-quality medical silicone. 

The apple-shaped inner retention balloon and the soft outer retention plate ensure tight, secure placement of the GastroTube.

Coming soon! – Two innovative product optimisations offer extra safety and comfort:

The new holding plate of the danumed® GastroTube ensures greater discreteness, because the kink-free 90° guide makes the GastroTube more inconspicuous under clothing. At the same time, even pressure distribution and the skin-friendly silicone guarantee good ventilation of the stoma site.

  • The ENFit® connectors of the danumed® GastroTube are now all equipped with danumed’s innovative swivel ring, the ENSwivel®. This allows ENFit® connections to be easily connected and disconnected without twisting the tubes.

The danumed® GastroTubes are available with one or two ENFit® connectors (Y-ENFit®) and in several different sizes.

danumed® GastroTube

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With many years of experience in the field of enteral nutrition, we focus on the development and manufacture of enteral application devices and accessories. 

All danumed products are equipped with ENFit® connectors. ENFit® is the safety standard for enteral nutrition and was established to prevent incorrect connections.


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