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Medical devices

Medcaptain enteral feeding pump

The enteral giving set used together with this pump must comply with the requirements specified in EN-1615:2000.

Enteral giving set with pump or by gravity.

Enteral giving set with pinch clamp, integrated transparent drip chamber and injection port that is used for the administration of enteral feeding using a feeding pump into the patient’s stomach or small intestine (jejunum).

Gastrostomy catheters danumed

Gastrostomy catheters used, in combination with an enteral feeding device and the feeding pump , to administer enteral nutrition within the patient’s stomach or rectum.

Geko™ Neuromuscular Electrostimulation Device

A neuromuscular electrical stimulation device indicated for the management of pre- and post-operative oedema in orthopaedic surgery and for the prevention of venous thrombosis as well as for wound healing-related vascular diseases.

Immufen Cream and Gel

A special therapeutic cream (100 ml) indicated for intensive skin care during the course of chemotherapy. A special therapeutic gel (50 ml) indicated for the prevention and treatment of radiation-induced dermatitis.

Harex – medical device for the management of male urinary incontinence

Medical device designed to improve the quality of life of men suffering from urinary incontinence.