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Foods for special medical purposes & Medical devices for the benefit of Human Health.

Reliable and specially designed products, delivered daily to your door, any time you need them.

About us

AP Nutrihome is a constantly growing Greek company founded in 2015 by professionals with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

In AP Nutrihome we believe that health is the most important thing. Innovating in the field of healthcare to provide better quality of life for patients through “smart” and less invasive solutions.

Marketing and distribution of clinical enteral nutrition products and the corresponding medical devices, gastrostomy tubes and pumps, as well as neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices, a device for the management of male urinary incontinence, medical devices for cancer patients, and a special preparation for the treatment of haemorrhoids.

AP Nutrihome has a specialised department of dietetics and the technical support department for medical devices and equipment that you can contact every day on a 24 hours basis.

AP Nutrihome is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and holds a Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices certificate. Our well-equipped facilities meet fully the requirements for proper storage and preservation of clinical nutrition products and medical devices in accordance with the applicable international standards.

Our vision

A healthier world, wellness and quality of life for all people.

Our mission

Innovative solutions, specialised products and treatments to improve patients’ health.

Next steps

In recent years, we have been evolving our company and our strategy to deliver more benefits to patients.

Our values

For a decade, we earn your trust with responsible business practices, reliable products and integrity in everything we do.

We are building a healthier world; and to achieve this we support all patients just when they need us the most.

Cooperation, mutual support and team spirit are all values that support AP NUTRIHOME’s vision. Because AP NUTRIHOME is its team.

Confidence & Superiority
We strongly believe in what we do and we overcome any obstacle; and this empowers us to become more and more efficient.

With the guarantee of the most reliable partners

Our team

Angelos Polyderas

General Manager

+30 69 86 322 558

Angelos has a Degree in Economics and many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He held positions of responsibility in Karagiannis Brothers S.A. & Medical Plus companies.

Alexandros Georgantzas

Sales Manager

+30 69 36 988 010

Alexandros has a Degree in Dietetics and many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He held positions of responsibility in Nutricia, Novartis & Fresenius Kabi companies.

Dimitris Dimitsas

Business Development Manager

+30 69 36 988 096

Dimitris has a degree in Natural Sciences and many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He held positions of responsibility in ScheringPlough & Fresenius Kabi companies.

Our team needs you!

Are you interested in the field of specialised and clinical nutrition? Do you have some or more work experience in sales or any other position in a developing company that sales and distributes clinical nutrition products and medical devices? Please send your CV to AP Nutrihome at .

We currently have no job openings


ISO 9001 : 2008

Quality assurance of each process is self-evident for us. We adhere to international quality standards to offer you the most reliable supply and distribution services as well as high quality customer care.

Ministry Certificate – DQS

Strict controls are implemented for both storage and distribution of nutritional supplements, medical devices and equipment. This is further ascertained by the Certificate of Good Practice issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8 δ/Γ.Π.ΟΙΚ./1348/2004).